ARIA Live examples


The most common use of ARIA live is to announce a change in state to the user as soon as possible without interrupting. Using aria-live="polite", the message will be announced the next time the user is idle.


Far less common but occasionally useful is to be able to announce an important time-sensitive message by using aria-live="assertive". Please note that user agents or assistive technologies mY choose to clear queued changes when an assertive change occurs. (e.g., changes in an assertive region may remove all currently queued changes).

Relevant Only

In addition to aria-live allowing us to set priority of our messaging, there is also aria-relevant that lets us define what types of changes should be presented. This example simulates a chat app where messages are appended to a growing list, in this case it would be appropriate for only additions to be announced to the user with aria-relevant="additions".

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